“The fourth movement, ‘Urlicht,’ was enriched by the impressive alto soloist Silvia Hauer with a clear, warm timbre. The combination of soloist and orchestra created a special dimension that elevated the movement to a unique highlight. In her singing, Hauer hit a deeply felt emotional note with dreamlike certainty.”
Der Opernfreund, November 19, 2023

“On the other hand, Silvia Hauer leaves nothing to be desired in the title role as Carmen: with a rich mezzo, she sings the world-famous melodies with great ease and nonchalance, presents a colorful array of facets, and perfectly explores the complexity of her character.”
Der Opernfreund, June 29, 2023

“Silvia Hauer can do it – no, she is it: one with her singing, with the art in which she completely immerses herself. A wonderful dark voice – the vocal technique is simple, without any pretense, without unnecessary frills – overwhelmingly beautiful through a mysterious inner glow and authenticity.”                                  Badische Zeitung, April 3, 202

“Silvia Hauer’s portrayal of Polina is a vocal delight in every respect.”                                                        Frankfurter Neue Presse, December 31, 2022

“Hauer’s voice is an event: multifaceted, flexible, boasting incredible volume and range. The details she brought out in Britten’s ‘Charm of Lullabies’ were fascinating, as was the fluidity with which she sang songs by Fauré and Massenet.”
Bonner Generalanzeiger, January 2022 (on the occasion of the song recital at the Bonn Schumann Festival on January 7, 2022)

Silvia Hauer as Rosina, aptly combining her rich mezzo timbre with agile coloratura.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 8/9/2020

“It’s a stroke of luck to have Silvia Hauer as Rosina. From the beginning she knows how to please – and does so visually with every expression. She possesses an exhilarating lower range, exhibits accomplished coloratura and, has a sparkling, charming, fluid mezzo-soprano timbre that enables her to flirt as a self-confident, strong-willed femme fatale, but also as a kitschy love naïf.
The famous arias “Una voce poco fa…, Contro un cor che accende amore di verace invitto”and “A mezzanotte” immediately touch the listener’s heart. Hauer embodies unbridled, extroverted energy!”
iOCO Culture on the Net, 9/11/2020

“Silvia Hauer enchants as a charming Octavian, as a perfect Quin-Quin with youthful cockiness, wholehearted, passionate, boastful and at the same time vunerable, and hearty where neccessary. Her voice flourishes in the high notes and still has the wonderful Mezzo-timbre which is essential for this role.”, 5.11.19

“Silvia Hauer convinces as Octavian, intoxicatingly beautiful with sublime elegance.”, 20.11.19

“Silvia Hauer is a well-cast Octavian, wonderful as clumsy straddle-legged Marianderl, and as Octavian, both a charming rascal and ruffian.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 12.11.19

“Silvia Hauer and Aleksandra Olczyk are an ideal couple as Octavian and Sophie, not only are they perfectly matched visually, but also vocally and dramatically to an exceptional level.”
Das Opernmagazin, 18.11.19

“With her silky Mezzo soprano, Silvia Hauer delivers, in this long and difficult role with significant role changes, an Octavian with both a loving and combative fervour.”
Teatrionline, 20.11.19

“The beating heart of the show: Hauer’s Octavian with a round, silky Mezzo.”
Frankfurter Rundschau, 12.11.19

„The sonorous voice of Silvia Hauer beguiled in the second movement “The lonely one in autumn”. (…) The Mezzo soprano’s warm timbre fitted perfectly to the title of the fourth movement “Of beauty”.“
TA/Gothaer General, 18.1.2020

„Silvia Hauer is a Carmen who transforms herself into a contemptuous, strong woman in whom the fire of independence is blazing. She is the promise of a femininity that simply takes more from life with uncommon physicality and reconciles emancipatory self-assertion with lust. She manages to make the air vibrate with the heat of freedom. (…) Hauer’s voice has drive, directness and the lightness one needs for Carmen. In the premonitions of death, her voice sounds gripping and flickering, dark, full and elegant. (…) Silvia Hauer makes the flickering fire of passion, flare up from the depths, demonstrating that it is a joy. The way she throws the red acacia blossom at José’s feet credibly shows her indispensable determination to break up. (…) Silvia Hauer’s role debut is an outstanding success.”, 12.12.19

„The mezzo-soprano Silvia Hauer in her trouser role of Sesto was especially pleasing, with an impressively subtle stage presence she attracts all attention as soon as she enters the stage. The petite woman has an unparalleled presence in the role of the love-stumbling fast traitor. Her acting and singing with dark timbral soprano and emotions are captivating, rousing and performed in seemingly impartial virtuosity. At the end of the premiere evening, the audience’s long-lasting standing ovations are rightly directed at her.“
Das Opernglas 06.2019

„Silvia Hauer’s Sesto is so extraordinary that one is almost moved to tears. Her expansive voice, demonstrates flexibility and is beautifully refined throughout all registers, she sparkles with energy, possesses strong stage presence and is emotionally and powerfully creative. She uses the pauses and piano moments to emphasise “The silence in between”.

„Silvia Hauer was the most positive surprise of the evening. She sang a fabulous Suzuki, scenically splendidly depicting her character’s pain and close connection to Butterfly. She conveyed these feelings with great volume and warm vocal timbre. A grandiose performance by the mezzo-soprano.“, 13.5.2019

„With her confidently guided, beautiful mezzo-soprano voice and haunting stage presence, Silvia Hauer outstandingly created the multi-layered role of Sesto.“
Frankfurter Neue Presse, 6.5.19

…“(as well as) Silvia Hauer with her wonderful Mezzosprano voice as Sesto.“

„Silvia Hauer sings with dark mezzo-soprano voice, concentrated, beautiful and increasingly fiery and creates her figure to be the pivotal point of the opera.“

„Silvia Hauer, as an outstanding (and somewhat darker timbred) Sesto.“
Frankfurter Rundschau, 3.5.19

„…Silvia Hauer is grandiose in the trouser roll of the desperate friend Sesto.“

„It must be emphasised that Sesto, a trouser role, was sung and played outstandingly by the mezzo-soprano Silvia Hauer. Her self-doubt and remorse, but also her unconditional willingness to follow the merciless orders of her beloved Vitellia, were captivating. She was the highlight of the performance.“

„(…) Silvia Hauer, understood how to give her Maddalena the right dose of eroticism and astringency.“
Oper!, 03.2019

„Silvia Hauer (…) delighted with a warm and richly modulated mezzo-soprano voice.“
Opernglas, 03.2019

„(…) Olga: One cannot imagine this capricious and yet heartfelt character to be more coquettish and seductively portrayed than was done by Silvia Hauer. The gorgeous, lively mezzo-soprano from Kehl am Rhein performed with a pleasantly timbred, technically well guided voice(.…)“
Der Neue Merker 03/2019

„Silvia Hauer as the Page is a luxury cast member. Her warm, round voice, which is seamless in every register, fits outstandingly into the excellent vocal ensemble.“, abgerufen am 25.2.2019

„Silvia Hauer (…) gave a memorable performance with her powerful and emotive voice. (…) The audience enthusiastically applauded the two great interpreters.“
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 15.1.2019

„Silvia Hauer was exciting as seductive Maddalena. She not only captivated us with her warm mezzo-soprano voice, but also as a loving woman. The attractive seductress met the duke at eye level. With her magnificent voice she enchanted the audience.“, abgerufen am 24.1.2019

„Silvia Hauer sang (…) with flawless articulation, purity of tone and compelling beauty.“
Kehler Zeitung, 14.1.2019

„(…) The Fairy Tale Liederabend in Mertingen, with the Wiesbaden mezzo-soprano Silvia Hauer and her pianist So-Jin Kim, was convincing from the very first note. (…)Silvia Hauer’s voice can express all emotions – with captivating fullness and silky beauty, whether in magical piano or accentuated forte. With precise phrasing and clear articulation, her voice is deeply moving. She takes you with her – you breathe with her and her sympathetic pianist. (…) The young woman secured enthusiastic approval – from happy patrons in an enchanted mood.“
Augsburger Allgemeine, 14.7.2018

„The unique mezzo-soprano Hauer, was emotionally captivating by nature’s impressions during “Einsamen im Herbst”. With an enormous dynamic range and sudden raptures, she brought great vitality to her interpretation. (…) Her fabulous modulations reflected her personal views of the events.“
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 23.6.2018

„And it was terrific. The Brahms songs were presented, enthusiastically and, at the same time, tender and intimate, but also pervaded by melancholy. What wonderful soft tones Silvia Hauer sings, interrupted by raptures of futile passion.“
Badische Zeitung, 6.6.2018

„And the greatest sensation of the evening was the vocal wonder of the promising newcomer, Silvia Hauer.“
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 13.2.2018

“Silvia Hauer’s bright and light timbre shines through as Olga.”
Allgemeine Zeitung, Rhein Main Presse, 13.3.17

“Silvia Hauer’s charmingly carefree portrayal of Olga was very convincing.”
Frankfurter Neue Presse, 13.3.17

“In the supporting role of Olga, Silvia Hauer’s acting and singing were exceptional in quality. The role’s unusually low tessitura was no problem for her.”
Der Neue Merker, 13.3.17

“Olga, naughty and skillful.”
FAZ, 13.3.17

“Silvia Hauer sings and acts the role of Olga, the naïve teenager, with childish lightness and great joy.”, 14.3.17

“Silvia Hauer plays the carefree Olga with refreshing timbre and enthralling charm.”, 13.3.17

“Silvia Hauer presides over a warm, round voice, which is managed perfectly in every register. The timbre is, as necessary, low and dirty or young and bright at the top. She is able to change seamlessly from one role to another. Hauer transforms the small stage in the Library of the Schumann House into a massive opera stage, ranting from the mimicking ’Surabaya Johnny’ to the ‘Femme fatale’ of the Habanera, concluding with the comedic highpoint of the evening, Leopolid’s beautiful tango ‘Alois’. Her version of ‘Lippen, sie küssen so heiß’ saw every tone and word created with accomplished precision. This talented mezzo soprano conquered the hearts of the audience tonight.”
Bonner Schumannfest, General-Anzeiger, 21.6.2016

“The most noteworthy voice of the quartet was certainly the young mezzo soprano Silvia Hauer (Dorabella). A voice with remarkable timbre (dark and radiant at the same time), she presented a wonderful sense of acting and phrasing.”
Platea Magazine, 15.5. 2016

“Silvia Hauer weiß die mehrfachen Travestien seiner Retterin Bradamante szenisch überzeugend und vokal nuanciert zu vermitteln.”
FAZ, 11.4.2016

“Silvia Hauer proves that she has a great sense of stamina, not only in the brilliant fencing scene, but also in the role of betrayed fiancee.”
Opernnetz, 11.4.2016

“In the solo voices, Silvia Hauer (alto) impressed the audience greatly with the aria ‘Es ist vollbracht’.”
Badische Zeitung, 8.3.2016

“Silvia Hauer succeeds as a Warwara in a striking debut. Rarely has the role been perceived as so important, with its warmth and natural joy of performance becoming a fulcrum of this production.”
Der Neue Merker, 17.1.16

“Most notable is the bell-like purity of Silvia Hauer’s sympathetic Warwara.”
Frankfurter Rundschau, 19.1.16

“Refreshingly well-acted and vocally impressive, Silvia Hauer is an entirely convincing Warwara.”
Opernnetz, 18.1.16

“With a fresh sense of youth, the wonderfully all-rounded mezzo soprano, Silvia Hauer, is ideal as Kabanicha’s caregiver Warwara.”, 19.1.16

“Her Dorabella was full of dark beauty, with sun-like tone and dark volume.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 3.11.15

“Silvia Hauer knows how to convince: her Dorabella presents a well-rounded voice for all situations.”
Der, 4.11.2015

“(…) with a round voice and a magnificent piano, Silvia Hauer’s Dorabella was vocally outstanding.”, 5.11.2015

“It must be said that the real star of the evening was Silvia Hauer, the mezzo-soprano soloist. Her charisma and excellent stage presence punctuated the evening. The programme of songs enabled Ms Hauer to showcase her superb singing and also her wonderful acting ability, going from a passionate Carmen to a hilarious drunkard in Strauss´’Schwipslied’ from ‘Eine Nacht in Venedig’.”
Thoroughly Modern Missy, 24.10.2014

“Silvia Hauer demonstrated her talent in her singing as well as in her acting. Always characterful, with a clear, smooth tone (…), she was also an enchanting and bewitching Carmen and dazzingly intense in the aria from ‘The Barber of Seville’.”
Arnaud, 14.10.2014